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Page 5

Notes found in Bibles:

Found with folded page from The Upper Room entitled "Me and my Shadow:"--"My husband and I read the Bible and Upper Room magazine daily. Today (6/4/02) is Psalm 46. It's a wonderful feeling, knowing God is always with me. I am also comforted, knowing He is with those I love, too. I'll think of this when I look out the aircraft window and see our shadow racing along beside us on the clouds. No matter how fast we go, or how high or low I am, God is always with me. --J., flight attendant from New Hampshire."

Written at the top of page 1:--"I was hunted by the Mafia for 7 years. God kept me safe and alive."

Wheels like a whirlwind (Isaiah 5:28). (l to r) Lee Warner, Frank Rawley, Gary Pendleton.

Mine eyes have seen thy salvation (Luke 2:30). Bill Hudson replaces Bible.