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Page 9

Jail Ministry

God's willing missionaries on Sunday night, October 27 were: Charlie and Karen Rabb, Cliff and Liz Merrill, John and Nadine Kay, Monty and Jeannette Daniels, Frank Rawley, Tom Wallace, Steve Blackmon, John Dillard, Bill Hudson, and J.P. Morris. Wake County Jail chairman Charlie Rabb reports that the ladies gave out 79 PWTs. Gideons gave out 82 PWTs and 22 Spanish Testaments.
Charlie said that he talked to one group of about 15-20 men but another group was so busy in a Bible study, they couldn't even come over and talk! Tom Wallace and Frank Rawley visited the Hammond Road Annex and prayed with many prisoners in several dorms. They gave out several PWTs and devotional books.
A female officer greeted the Auxiliary and said the women prisoners had done their laundry on Saturday evening so as to not to get in the way of the Auxiliary visit. Nadine says that it was an answer to prayer, because they had been turned away so many times because of "laundry night." About a dozen women told Nadine and Jeannette that this was the very first time they had responded to the Lord for salvation.