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Holiday Inn Express Hotel Dedication

A brand new 94-room Holiday Inn Express just opened north of Raleigh. It's located on the west side of Highway 1 where 1-A branches off to Wake Forest. Even the address is new:  11400 Common Oaks Drive. Their policy is to not open until a Gideon Bible has been placed in each room. Praise the Lord and enter the Gideons!
Scripture Secretary John Kay tried to schedule a hotel Bible dedication before the opening date (Friday, November 8) but the hotel staff was so busy with last minute preparations it just couldn't be done. So John took the Bibles to the hotel the day before and the staff placed them in the rooms for Friday night clientele.
Assistant General Manager Wendy D. Smith rescheduled our Bible dedication time for Monday, November 11 at 12:30pm. At the appointed time, our Gideons built a display made in the form of a cross using hotel Bibles and asked the hotel staff to join them. Attending were John Kay, Richard Justice, Frank Rawley and Pat Simpson. Also there were Ms Smith and Beau Bevers, the front deskman (and pastor). Please pray that God honors this hotel's commitment to the Lord by leading many people to this hotel and to His Word.

John Kay  presents token Bible to Asst. Mgr. Wendy D. Smith.

Holiday Inn Express, 11400 Common Oaks Drive, Raleigh, NC 27611. Phone: 919-570-5550. Lynn S. O'Neal, General Manager.