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             North Carolina State Fair Results

                  October 12 ,2001  -   October 21,  2001

Total of PWT's given with the plan of salvation   =        11,472

Total Spanish PWT's                                                   =            509

Total men working at the fair                                    =            103

Total fair attendance                                                    =    695,177

Each day was a blessing, to see many come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. It was an exciting time to see God working through his word to change lives.   Not only did people accept the Lord and pray the prayer of forgiveness in the back of the testament, but lives were changed.  Many people indicated as they heard God's plan of salvation that they needed to change their lives.  Many made commitments to return to Church,  tell their children about Jesus,  return to a closer walk with him and many other decisions.             

God Loves You:  For God so loved Anglisa Keys from Clayton when she accepted Jesus as Savior.  

All Are Sinners: For we are all sinners as Joe Elkins indicated as he gave his live over to the Lord

God has a remedy for our sins:  Charles and Angie Thomas from Durham prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.  

All may be saved now: Michael Newall, Edward Robinson, Andrew Stone  and many others found that Jesus died for them on the cross for their sins and accepted him.

I thank God most of all for giving us the opportunity to tell so many about the difference Jesus makes in the lives of each one of us.   The fair also provided a new awareness  that we need to always tell others of God's love.  So many do not know who Jesus is.  Have you told someone today?            

I will never forget the looks on one couples face when I ask their friend if she knew Jesus as her savior and she indicated she had never made that commitment.   The couple attended Church each week and yet never talked to their friend about Christ. She accepted Christ that day, but could have been lost forever.   We need to always make sure our friends know about Jesus.

I thank my God for each of you for your part  at the Fair.   Special thanks to Ken Braswell for his service. 


Jim Loehman, Fair Coordinator  



Additional Details:                                

34 People wrote their name down in our prayer book as accepting Christ.  

Many requested prayer.  Most were for salvation.  


Date                           Attendance              PWT's                  Spanish            

October 12, 2001             47,940              981             29
October 13, 2001             77,747            1160             45
October 14, 2001             46,540              293             28
October 15, 2001             51,921              699             22
October 16, 2001             54,116            1035             31
October 17, 2001             57,330            2289  *             43
October 18, 2001             84,975            1169             12
October 19, 2001             84,538            1141            174
October 20, 2001            113,450            1913              72
October 21, 2001             76,620              694              54


 *  This count shows how the Loretta Lynn Show caused more people to come by our booth.   Our booth is located in the Dorton Area where entertainment shows are conducted.