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SPECIAL THANKS!2002 New York City Scripture Blitz

September 21 – 27


As I contemplate the results of the weeks efforts in New York City, Ephesians 3:20 continues to echo in my heart:  “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”.  We went into the week with some lofty goals, to place 350,000 Scriptures, to speak in 50 Church services, etc.  The Lord gave us these, and much, much more!


On Saturday and Sunday, none of our Prison teams were kept from entering their assigned prisons.  And both days, many inmates prayed to receive salvation.  Teams went unannounced to Nursing Homes; Fire, Police and EMT Stations; and City Missions – returning with very positive reports (3 prayed to received Christ at an EMT Station alone). 


In addition to the 28 Church Services Gideons were scheduled to speak in, another 40 Gideons teamed up to visit pastors unannounced Sunday morning.  The goal was Church Relations.  The result was many invitations to speak impromptu, accompanied by offerings.  And it didn’t stop there.  Gideons met with pastors during the week.   An association gave us the names of their 225 pastors to contact.  One church alone donated $10,000.


Our group of 332 Gideons and Auxiliary from 20 States divided up for the rest of the week into College/School teams or Hospital/Nursing Home teams.  Over 100 educational institutions and 90 medical facilities were visited over the 5-day period.  Though the reception was varied, we marveled at the many instances men and women pressed us for their copy.


Monday evening we overflowed the hotel’s banquet hall with Gideons and Pastors for a city wide Pastors Appreciation Banquet - 230 in attendance.  Twenty pastors and church guests attended, and Gideons and Auxiliary contributed generously ($12,000) to the Faith Fund.


Wednesday night the Victory Banquet was held with 75 in attendance.  The testimonies were sweet, but the tearful thankfulness for our Heavenly Father’s gifts of the week, were sweeter.


And no blitz is complete without rain.  Thursday in particular, our men and women battled inclement weather, resulting in difficult street distribution conditions and even worse than normal traffic conditions.


We praise God for doing immeasurably more than all we asked or imagined!  Room does not permit me to share all the marvelous testimonies of those praying with the lost to receive Christ – there were many! 


20 States were represented!  But we praise God particularly for moving the hearts of our brothers and sisters in South Carolina and Arkansas; 47 registered with the South Carolina group and 41 with Arkansas.  To God be the glory!


This glorious week was truly a team effort.  Thank you all, for your planning, placing, giving, and especially, for your prayers.


On behalf of New York State and the 2002 NYC Blitz Coordination Team!

Jim Emmons, 10/7/02